Trialling Information



Following recommendations from the Lure Manufacturer a small change has been made to the Lure Carriage (Alternate Wheels) This will be used for trial sessions to access suitability for racing






                                      ******   Traralgon Greyhounds UPDATE 15th MAY 2023    ******


Due to a scheduled track harrow and scheduled maintenance works, Traralgon will not be holding trials on Tuesday 23rd May and Tuesday 30th May. TGRC will race on Monday 22nd May and holding satisfactory trials, 4 field trials and 25 solo trials (Solo trials to be booked online via fasttrack, at 8am on Monday morning) after the race meeting.


TGRC apologies for an inconveniences caused. Please contact the club on 5174 2135 if you have any questions



Arm Trials at Traralgon (starting from 6th December)


Traralgon is excited to announce that we can provide trainers with the ability to do Arm trials at Traralgon from the 6th of December. As Traralgon is unique in design, we are limited in our ability for our arm trials and have rules that are applicable. Arm trials will only be available on our trial days and not available after race meetings.


  • * All trainers and catchers need to be wearing a Hi Vis Top.
  • * Dogs would start out of the 500 boxes or slip from just in front of the 500 boxes. The dogs will run approximately 350 metres
  • * Dogs would catch the arm lure between the 100-150 mark which is the end of the corner before it comes onto
  •   the straight, then the dogs would be towed to the winning post, by this stage the lure would be at a stop.
  • * Trainers would only be advised to approach the dog when the lure is at a complete stop.
  • * Trainers must bring a catcher with them to collect the dog from the winning post or pay a catcher.
  • * Once the dog has been collected from the arm, dogs can be placed in trial kennels, when required if trainer
  •    trialing multiple dogs.
  • * We have two options for the arm trials, trainers will not be able to supply their own trial arms but can provide
  •    their own sleeve.
  • * Arm Trials will be on Tuesdays, with bookings opening on FastTrack at 8am Monday morning.



*  Please contact the Club on 5174 2135 or email for any further questions






***** TUESDAY TRIALS: To book for Tuesday trials, the session will open on MONDAY morning at 8am.  *****


TGRC Thanks you for your understanding with these changes


Trials are conducted over 350, 395, 450 and 500 metres. Hand slipping is also available upon request from a designated point on the track;


Tuesday morning: Booked Pen trials only from 9:30am onwards.

Note: Tuesday morning Trial sessions will appear on fast track on the Monday morning at 8am.


Due to the set up with the Traralgon boxes, we have session times for different distances. If you need assistance to book or cancel a trial, please call the club on 5174 2135, after 8am on Thursday. We have a cancellation list available, if you misses out on a trial feel free to call the Club and we can put on the cancellation list.




MONDAY – Half Field Trials, and 25 solo trials (please see below)

WEDNESDAY – 4 Half Field Trials (Maiden and Graded fields available)

FRIDAY – 4 Half Field Trials (Maiden and Graded fields available)


Race Day Trials




Effective Monday 9th January


Traralgon Trials – after the races on Mondays.


Changes to booking SOLO TRIALS at Traralgon. All Solo Trials will now be booked online on FastTrack with the session opening at 8am in the morning. Capped at 25 trials.


Trials will continue to be run in order of longest distance to shortest, with the exception of satisfactory which will always be ran first.


All satisfactory and fields trials will continue to be booked with the Club on 5174 2135


***Hand slipping can not be done on race day.***


Please Note we will not trial on Public Holidays





We are offering Pen trials, Dogs must wear a muzzle regardless if they solo trialling. The Club will provide catchers during trials.


To book for trial days, booking are done through FastTrack or online by clicking the image below.


Traralgon Trial Kennels on Race Days/Night.

TGRC have 12 air-conditioned trial kennels that trainers can use on race days.

  • To book a kennel contact the office on (03) 5174 2135 
  • Greyhounds must be kennelled before the end of race night kennelling.
  • The Trial kennel door will be locked until the last race leaves the kennels.
  • Trainers cannot access their greyhound until this time.
  • If your dog makes a mess please clean it up.



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