Mega screen provides the big picture

When patrons return to the Traralgon Greyhound Racing Club the first feature they will notice, apart from the $6 million J-Curve track, will be the giant semaphore board on the track infield.

Measuring a massive 11520mm (37ft approx.) wide, by 5120mm (16ft approx.) high, the 59sq m (635 sq feet) of full LED matrix display it provides Traralgon the ability to display a vast range of IsoLynx related data as well as the traditional racing timing and wagering information.

The board also incorporates the FinishLynx IsoLynx Real Time Tracking System which sets new standards in real-time race data.

Utilising the IsoLynx system it provides real-time location on track, race order and distances and can also provide analytical data on speeds and acceleration/deceleration.

Additionally, the system can display sponsor messages, sponsor logos, text and animated advertisements.

And when the racing has ended, the club, as part of its community engagement program, plans to make the screen available as an outdoor cinema for community fund raising activities on non-race days.

*This article was written by Tony Homfray