Hot weather alert: Traralgon Cup meeting marked as ‘Hot Weather Affected’

In accordance with the GRV Hot Weather Policy, the Traralgon meeting for Friday 26 January have been marked as ‘Hot Weather Affected’ due to the forecasted temperature of 33 degrees.


As a consequence:


1.       Trainers can withdraw any of their greyhounds without penalty prior to the appointed scratching time.

2.       The use of barking muzzles are prohibited for both travel and kennelling.

3.       Kennels will open 30 minutes earlier than normal.

4.       Kennel temperatures to be monitored and recorded.

5.       Cooling vests will be available at the catching pen


For detailed weather information please use the following link: and enter the track location, then selecting the “Detailed 3-Hourly Forecast” option on the right hand side of the page.